Brian P. Monaghan, Esq.

Brian MonaghanCo-founder of the firm, Brian focuses his practice primarily on Vermont cities, towns, villages, and other municipal entities.
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Claudine C. Safar, Esq.

Claudine SafarClaudine predominantly practices in the areas of land use, planning, zoning, civil litigation, and appellate practice.
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Steven R. Ducham, Esq.

Steven DuchamSteve joined the firm in 2013, bringing with him his deep experience in real estate transactions.
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Areas of Practice

Our primary areas of practice are environmental, real estate and business law, estate planning, litigation, governmental, employment and labor law, and family law.

We offer a variety of legal services on a statewide basis. While Vermont is one of the most rural states in the country, practicing law in Vermont requires the same degree of sophistication as it would in a major metropolitan area. A trial before a Vermont jury requires an understanding of the culture of the state of Vermont, coupled with the knowledge that we are a diverse nation. The purchase of a multi-million dollar commercial property is a complicated endeavor whether it happens in Vermont or New York City.

Areas of expertise include: