Having been involved in multiple real estate transactions personally and professionally, I was shocked and overly impressed with my involvement with Monaghan Safar Ducham. The title search was completely confusing from the beginning, but the MSD team helped us understand the property and feel comfortable with the purchase."

--Meg McGovern
Donahue & Associates

Real Estate

At Monaghan Safar Ducham we assist residential and commercial borrowers and lenders in the acquisition, development, sale, and financing of real estate. We represent a full range of clients throughout the state including corporate developers, small business owners, and residential homeowners.

We begin our process by carefully reviewing and drafting the documents that are necessary to protect our clients’ interests. We guide our clients through the conveyance with careful advice on matters finance, title, and permitting. In addition, we help landowners resolve disputes related to their property, including litigating matters of adverse possession and boundary line disputes.