"Claudine, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for taking on my case — from afar, not knowing me at all — and helping and guiding me through the rough times. Having a voice to stand up for me and believing in me, you don't know how much that meant to me. I will be forever grateful to you and your staff. Thank you for allowing me to have a balance with you and trust in me to do the right thing once it was over. I have never met a lawyer with such compassion and heart. You are THE BEST... Forever grateful and from the bottom of my heart. Thank You."– cheryl

"If you are looking for an excellent attorney to represent you, Claudine is the person that you want to contact. Claudine represented our company in a highly controversial case against the Vermont Dept. of Labor at the Supreme Court level, and we won our case. Claudine and her team will offer you expert guidance and extreme knowledge in case law and procedure. She will fight for you, and you can rest assured that Claudine will achieve the most favorable outcome possible for your case."– Denis Bourbeau,
Bourbeau Homes

"My name is Wanda and in June 2011 my 24 year old daughter died in a car accident.  She had two sons, aged six and two.  My youngest grandson was living with his father, who began abusing him almost immediately.  I called DCF with complaints, as did other people.  In the spring of 2012 I took my grandson from his father.  I contacted a lawyer in my home town looking for legal help.  He gave me Claudine Safar’s name.  When I met with her, she guided me through the Court process.  For the next three years she helped me in the legal battle that I faced to gain guardianship of my grandson.  Claudine and her team are the best.  They are compassionate and professional.  In the end, I did not win my case, but I gained the attention of DCF, such that, after a few months, I finally received custody of my grandson.– Anonymous"

"Having been involved in multiple real estate transactions personally and professionally, I was shocked and overly impressed with my involvement with Monaghan Safar Dwight with a transaction for a family member. The title search was completely confusing from the beginning, but the MSD team helped us understand the property and feel comfortable with the purchase."

"Brian and his staff were able to sift through the details of the transactions, keep dialogue with a pile of contacts on both the seller and buyer side, and make a confusing transaction feel like a breeze to the properties involved.
I would highly recommend Monaghan Safar Dwight to assist in any real estate, environmental, civic or town related law matters."
– Meg McGovern,
Realtor, Donahue & Associates

"Brian came down to help us on some sticky municipal legal issues. Then, as we've seen in all our experiences since, he's been extremely facile with the law, parsing it for us elegantly, mindful of intricacies and uncertainties; steering us well toward the least bad path. It may have later come as a surprise to him that immediately after he left the room that first time, we unanimously voted to make him our town attorney. We've been very glad of that decision since."
– Tig Tillinghast
Selectboard Chair, Thetford, VT

"In addition to her flawless execution of her legal abilities, Claudine has a professional demeanor beyond adequate praise. She listens carefully, responds quickly to all correspondence, creates no false expectations, and in every way shows respect and concern for the personal anguish of having to litigate for my son. As I have experienced Claudine's expertise and humanity in handling the welfare of my family, it is without reservation that I offer Claudine and her firm highest accolades and a strong recommendation.

With efficiency and thorough knowledge of the law, Monaghan Safar Dwight secured the rulings needed to protect my son and family from litigious bullying and near certain financial ruin."– Anonymous